Long Hairstyles with Bangs

http://trendyhairstylewomen.blogspot.com/Hairstyles with bangs are one of our readers favorites. Here Anastasia, wearing the long side swept bangs the hottest look for long hairstyles with bangs. I’m seeing long, side swept bangs a lot these days. You know, the bangs that almost look like they aren’t bangs, or like bangs you are trying to grow out? These hairstyles with bangs have a sort of ultra feminine aHairstyles with Bangs Ultra Feminineppeal, in a sultry kind of way. It’s a big plus that you can pull them back into an up-do and create height and shape in the hairstyle, as most of the celebs did in the Oscars this year.

FYI, if you have trouble with the idea of hair falling in your face, you may want to think twice before going here. The extreme side part is a big part of this look and the nature of this hairstyle, will be to fall in your face. You could part it down the middle, but then it will no longer be bangs.

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