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"Twilight” actress Kristen Stewart has apologized for making a series of “stupid” and “insensitive” comments about rape – admitting she “made an enormous mistake.”

The 20-year-old actress sparked a storm of controversy with her remarks in a recent interview with Britain’s Elle magazine, in which she likened the media intrusion in her life to sexual assault. She told the magazine, “I feel like I’m looking at someone being raped. A lot of the time I can’t handle it. I never expected that this would be my life.”

Her comments infuriated bosses at charity campaigners and rape victims support organizations, who accused the young star of belittling violence against women. And now Stewart has been forced to apologize, calling her behavior “stupid.”

She tells People, “I really made an enormous mistake – clearly and obviously. And I’m really sorry about my choice of words. I’ve made stupid remarks before, and I’ve always reasoned: ‘Whatever. They can think what they want.’ People thinking that I’m insensitive about this subject rips my guts out. I made a big mistake.” (Starpulse.com)

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