Cameron Diaz Hair Hairstyles

Cameron Diaz has been well known for some time for being the ultimate Hollywood blonde and with her short hair and crystal clear blue eyes, Cameron Diaz could just be the definition of a perfect blonde. Despite this Cameron Diaz has been known to go darker for a few of her films and as irritating as it is to many women out there who cannot get away with both extremes of color, the look suited her perfectly. known for the short blonde bob with the crazy quiff in the funny film, “There’s something about Mary,” she seemed to have the ultimate bob that everyone is recreating now for so long. She adopted the same look but with a slightly scruffier up do for the premiere of the film “Charlies Angels” where she had the side sweeping bangs that she favors a lot plus the rest of the hair loosely pulled back in a look that was sophisticated yet still fun and fresh at the same time.

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