Short hairstyles for Round faces

Wearing your hair short

Wearing short hair when you have a round face depends on the right haircut, layered bangs add a new look, while avoiding a bob because this style works best with a different face shape. Having a oval face is flattering with the right hair style, the use of gentle waves in your hair texture especially the sections that frame your face should have the right ends and texture, straight edgy cuts are not as flattering.

Cindy should know she was having difficulty finding the right hairstyle for her face since her hairdresser told her that her face was round and if she wanted to wear the new hip hot and trendy short hairstyles she would have to follow a few rules first. It was not something cindy had thought of before, now why would it be an issue now, maybe it was because of the fact she had worn her hair long for most of her life.

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