No stranger to television, Teri Hatcher is one woman who really knows how to be glamorous without appearing to try too hard. She has been seen in such popular television series as “MacGyver” and she played the part of Lois in the hit show “The New Adventures of Superman.” She really became well known after she began playing Susan on “Desperate Housewives,” one of the most popular shows on TV.

A beautiful style that Teri has recently worn is one that is a long layered style. The layering goes all around, and her hair is very shiny and full of volume. She parts her hair on one side, and lets it fall naturally all around her face. Her hair is curled usingmedium curlers, and the overall look is sexy and playful. This look is perfect for medium or longer hair, and ideal for any shaped face. It’s also a great style to wear both for play and for work.

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