Face Slimming Hair

Losing weight might be a long process but visual impression can be changed really quickly. There are some tricks that a person can use to make the whole body look thinner, but a good hair style makes a big difference too.

While following a diet, doing exercises and taking other actions in order to lose a few pounds, it is good to visit a hair stylist and have an appropriate haircut.
The shape of one’s face matters a lot. Usually people that visually look “rounder” have round face shape. Sometimes it is also called moon shape: the face is almost as wide as tall. However, even people with rectangular, square, triangular or heart shaped faces should have the right hair style in order to make the face appear narrower and oval shaped.
The trick of a slimmer face is to make its length about one and a half of its width and reduce the size of jawbone making it narrower than the forehead. Experienced hair stylists believe that layered hair cut is the main trick that makes this possible. Any long hair is fine if it provides vertical lines which always make the face look longer and thinner. Probably, the ideal length is between the bottom of the ear and the top of the shoulder.
If the hair is parted, the best way to do so is on the side, because it takes away the impression of “roundness” and symmetry. Sometimes additional length can be achieved by a higher hair at the crown: but it should not be too excessive.
As much as there are some preferable hair styles: there are a few which should be avoided. It is strongly not recommended to have short hair or wide hair dresses. Bangs will do no good either, especially if they are thick and blunt cut. However, if bangs are necessary, they should be done in an angle and the hair there should be thinned out.
Sometimes hair color does well elongating the face. The best way to go is highlights. It does not mean that all blondes look skinny, but white and brown lines together look like vertical stripes even if the hair is not pulled up simply hanging down. Two opposite colors also add shading which provides slimming effect as well. The best set of colors should be found by professional who will take into consideration not only person’s natural hair color, but skin, preferable make-up and favorite colors in clothes.
After the hair cut is done, comes the time of the right cosmetics. The person that wants to look slimmer should forget about blow-drying and the effect of messy hair. Sprays, gels, creams and other hair care products should help keeping the hair-style created by the professional. High quality cosmetics works perfect in keeping volume where it is mostly needed, for example, at the crown, and eliminate it where the hair should underline the cheeks and chin.
Hair accessories should also work with the hair style. Long narrow ribbons, clips with vertical stripes, chopsticks, and small ponytail holders elongate the face and make the head appear narrower. But the person is not recommended to wear big puffy accessories, wide ribbons or clips with big round patterns or horizontal lines.
If the person has been wearing the same hair-style for years and is not sure the new one will work fine, he or she can try hair style gallery program online which allows trying different things without losing the real hair. This kind of software can be easily found and after its installation hundreds of haircuts can be tried on which will not only help to find the right kind, but will bring a lot of fun.

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