2010 Long Layered Hairstyles Ideas

Long layered hair styles can be used to create a variety of styles. This hairstyle is classic but considered trendy due to the long layers which are versatile. The layers are a great way to add volume to the hair that may be thick and heavy. Haircutting techniques can be used to layer the hair and reduce the thickness.

Straight is one of the most popular ways to wear long layered hair styles. To straighten the hair to a professional appearance the hair should be sectioned into layers from the top to the bottom. The bottoms layers should be straightened first and the top layers can be styled to create the volume which is associated with the hair.

Long layered hair styles can also be worn in updos that can be created by styling the top layers of the hair while leaving the bottom layers of the hair down. This casual hairstyle can be worn straight and can also be worn curly.

For people with long hair that are seeking a change in style, the long layered hair styles can be cut within the hair to breathe life into the style without losing the length from the bottom of the hairstyle. Rather, the shorter and top layers of the hair are shortened to create the layered effects.

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