Should Taylor Swift Accept Kanye West's Apology?

Last night's MTV Video Music Awards show was defined by one overriding storyline: the sudden emergence of a feud between rap superstar Kanye West and country darling Taylor Swift. While Swift was attempting to thank people after winning the Moonman for Best Female Video, West rushed the stage to steal the microphone, shout out Beyoncé's video and generally make a nuisance of himself. He became the evening's villain, made Swift into a bewildered underdog and also set up Beyoncé as a hero who swooped in at the end of the show to save the day. West later apologized to Swift via his blog, but the damage has been done. The question is now: Will Swift forgive West for crashing her party?

We wanted to find out, so we hit the streets of New York to ask a select group of people whether or not Swift should accept Kanye's apology. Do you think she should turn the other cheek or should she hold a grudge against the rapper who dropped in uninvited on her big VMA moment?

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