Sedu ??? What is it.......

by Daniel

The Sedu hairstyle is simple, very straight, shiny and silky looking hair. This style is very easy to achieve to those who already have straight hair and is possible for those who have very curly hair.
How do I get the Sedu Hairstyle ?

You get this style by using a ceramic flat iron. You don't need a "specific SEDU flat iron"

The term "Sedu" is really a brand of flat iron. However this style can be created by using any ceramic flat iron.

The "Sedu" term happened to be an easier way of describing very straight hair. Sedu is the popular term that people associate with what Sedu really is.

Before the flat iron it was very difficult for people who had curly hair to obtain straight hair.

Chemical straightening used to be the only way for most with curly hair to get it this straight. The flat iron has reduced the amount of money spent on chemical straighteners. Sedu hairstyles are much cheaper than chemical straighteners. You're still able to achieve other styles without permanently being straight all the time.

Now you can achieve straight hair in half the time..

No more standing in front of the mirror with a blow dryer and round brush to get the straight hair you want.

Other considerations:

Another nice thing about the Sedu hairstyle is that is one of the most inexpensive ways to do your hair as this mentioned earlier is something that is very easy to achieve. Then again if you're just afraid of doing it wrong then by all means speak to your stylist about achieving the Sedu hairstyle.

"Original" Chi and GHD are among the best ceramic flat irons that you can use alongside the Sedu flat iron if you choose to spend the money on one to achieve the Sedu hairstyle.

If you're going to spend the time and energy to achieve the Sedu hairstyle don't waste your money on a cheap ceramic alternative that is going to ruin your hair in the end. Spend the extra money and buy a good professional grade ceramic flat iron.


ALL IRONS will damage your hair when used "DAILY"... but buy buying professional grade ceramic irons will reduce the possibility of damaging your hair even more. Professional irons have the technology to reduce maximum damage to your hair.

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