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In light of the recent resurgence of plastic surgery rumors, Ashley Tisdale is speaking out and setting the record straight.

She told press, “People are saying I had another nose job and I did not. That’s ridiculous,” Tisdale told People magazine. “I was away in New Zealand filming a movie (They Came From Upstairs) and so people think I went away to have more work done. But I didn’t.”

Back in November, the “High School Musical” hottie underwent surgery to correct a deviated septum, as well as smooth out a few bumps that resulted from a teenage fracture. But that was it.

Tisdale lamented, “[Tabloids] have doctors talk about what they think I did with my surgery, but they did not examine me. They don’t know what I have inside my nose.” Her rep, Scott Appel, added, “It’s very irresponsible for a medical professional to comment on someone whom they have not examined.”

As for the rumors that she got a boob job, Ashley exclaimed, “Look at me. Does it look like it to you? No! It’s ridiculous. I’m not for plastic surgery. I’m not going to get another surgery. I can promise you that.”

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