Sedu Hairstyles for Women: How to style your hair with sedu (IV)

By Lolaness

Sedu Hairstyle Four: Sleek Side-Part

Totally glam, this sleek hairstyle is very popular with the young and trendy woman with a keen sense of fashion. Also easy to achieve in less than 5 minutes, it just might become one of your favorite hairstyles.

Begin with clean, wet hair. Comb styling gel through it, making sure to really evenly disperse the gel from roots to tips.

Blow-dry on high heat and straighten the hair.

Apply a very small amount of pomade or styling wax to the hair for texture. Part your hair to the side, following the 'line' of where the outside corner of your eye is. Starting with the high part at the crown of your head, comb the front section of your hair forward, over your forehead. Use fingertips and a pick or comb to shape the rest of your hair into place, remembering to leave a messy feel to its look.

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