Sedu Hairstyles for Women: How to style your hair with sedu (V)

By Lolaness

Sedu Hairstyle Five: Sexy Waves

Most of us with frizzy hair love the straight look, but can never get past the thought that the curls would be better if they just didn’t become so uncontrollable. With this hairstyle, you get the controlled look of straight hair, while putting some of the curl back in a sexy, refined manner.Begin with clean, wet hair and work a small amount of foam or mousse evenly throughout your hair for volume.

Then, blow-dry your hair using a paddle brush and high heat.Once thoroughly dry, straighten your hair and allow it to cool, spritzing a small amount of hair spray to hold the curls about to come. When your tresses have cooled off, divide them into several sections and wrap each section around the curling iron in different directions (you don't want every curl going the same direction or you'll never get rid of the spit-curl look without re-styling).

Make sure you are curling only the bottom area of each section; if you curl the sections all the way up, you'll lose the straight sleekness of this look completely.Let the curls stand to cool completely. Spritz lightly once more, and then separate the curls with a pick or using your fingers. Enjoy your hair.

The styles we frame our faces with say a lot about who we are, and speak volumes about our personality. Looking good feels good, right? So look your best and never forget your one-of-a-kind smile.

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