Celebrity hairstyles: pictures for women (XXVIII)

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is best known as TV's Dark Angel (2000-02, produced by James Cameron) and as Sue Storm in the movie version of The Fantastic Four (2005, starring Michael Chiklis). Alba began working in front of the camera in the mid-1990s, appearing in television commercials and small roles in feature films. She had a recurring role in the Nickelodeon series The Secret World of Alex Mack, followed by her first starring role in the 1995 series Flipper.

In 1999 she scored a double whammy with appearances in the teen-friendly films Never Been Kissed and Idle Hands, and filmmaker Cameron cast her as one of the leads in his project for television, Dark Angel. Since then she has worked mostly in feature films, usually playing a tough-but-vulnerable babe, as in Honey (2003, with Lil' Romeo) and in the film version of Frank Miller's Sin City (2005, with Bruce Willis). Alba's other films include The Sleeping Dictionary (2003) and Into the Blue (2005, with Paul Walker).

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