Getting The Sedu Hairstyling Look Without Breaking The Bank

by Mike Taylor

Lately it seems like everyone wants a Sedu hair straightener after seeing stars like Jennifer Anniston and J-Lo with beautiful, silky straight hair. After all, that's the brand the top Hollywood stylists are using to create these stunning hair styles.

But, did you know that you really don't need to pay an arm and a leg for the Sedu name when a less expensive model can give you as good or better results?

That's right! You can get great looking straight hair with any reasonably priced hair straightener as long as you have healthy hair to begin with and pick a model with some must-have features.
If you really wanted to save money you could still use the old clothes iron way of straightening your hair but given the ease of use of the new hair straightener products available today it is something I wouldn't recommend.

There are a few key things to look for when you are shopping for a hair iron that will give you the same results as the Sedu flat iron at a lower price:

Make sure it has ceramic plates, not metal plates. Ceramic is much smoother than metal and won't pull or break your hair. It also distributes heat more evenly and infuses your hair with moisture to help seal in the style.

Ceramic also has the benefit of generating a negative ion effect that helps to protect your hair from the iron's high temperatures. The mineral tourmaline added into the ceramic is a definite plus because tourmaline enhances the ionic effect but if money is an issue you can skip this feature.

Make sure you have heat level settings. The most important thing to remember to get great straight hair is to use the proper heat level. As this varies by person you want to make sure you can set the heat level. Pick a model that has at least three heat settings. If the iron is too hot you can damage your hair and if it is too cold the style will not last very long.

Check heat up times as more expensive models take less than 30 seconds to heat up but if you can wait a minute or two before using the iron you can save yourself a little extra cash.

The lighter the weight the less strain on your arm and the easier it is to style your hair but lighter usually means more expensive. Try to buy an iron with a ceramic plate width of 1.5 inches unless you have very long hair. In that case opt for a 2 inch plate width.

If you spend a little time shopping around and checking reviews you will find that you can easily achieve that famous Sedu straight hair look without going broke in the process.

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