Celebrities hairstyles - pictures for women (XXV)

What is it about Britney Spears Sedu Hairstyles that make her hair look fantastic and gorgeous, well with the Sedu flat iron or hair straightener as some might call it produces the most amazing finish that leaves Britney Spears hair and yours as well looking shiny, healthy and the best of all keeps all the natural colours at their best.

So how did Britney Spears become famous and why with all her money does she choose Sedu, well let’s begin with a little story shall we. Sit back have a good read and enjoy.

Britney Spears was born the 2nd December 1981 and was an up and coming star at an early age where she started doing small adverts but her main love was to dance and sing, she ending up auditioning for the Mickey Mouse Club where she got the part as a Mousekeeter and this is where she could dance and sing all the time which she loved doing.

After a while she ended up doing a demo tape and sent it to many labels and this is where Jive Records signed her at 16 years old and the famous all time favourite hit single Hit Me One More Time came on the charts which went all around the world, this is where she got a platinum album.

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