Flat Iron Sedu Hairstyles Sweep the Nation

by Monica Tillman

Flat hairstyles have been sweeping the nation for the past several years as many celebrities have taken up the craze, probably doing more to promote the trend than following the trend. Celebs such as Jennifer Aniston, Hillary Duff and Jennifer Lopez are all recognized as being progenitors of this huge hairstyling fad. There are several reasons why this fad has become so popular and why celebrities often favor this hairstyle.

Part of the reason that this style is so popular is the simple fact of changing tastes. As with all style fads this one is born of the need to change the aesthetic from time to time. Remember when perms and curled bangs were all the rage back in the 80's. Or who can forget the 'rat-tail'. These classic hairstyles were all the rage in their day but have faded into fashion history as newer and fresher styles emerge on the scene. That isn't to say that today's hairstyles aren't influenced by the past, we have certainly seen the long straight hair as a popular choice in the past.

In fact this straight hair style is an outgrowth of the styles of the 60's and early 70's. Think hippie or Marsha Brady. These were fantastic styles back in the day and became the early proto-types of today's styles. This look is now updated with highlights and a slight swoosh that gives more body and fullness to the hair but maintains the same essence of the originals.

One of the bigger differences between the current straight craze and previous hairstyle movements is the care with which we approach our hair today. We now realize that perms were bad for hair and often led to over-processing that breaks down hair fibers and makes hair brittle and prone to split ends. The current trend in flat irons are products that use special heating elements that produce negative ions thus protecting the hair from heat damage.

Tip: Use these flatirons on thoroughly dry hair only as use on wet hair is more likely to cause damage as it limits the effectiveness of the negative ionization.

The other big change in hairstyles that has effected the popularity of this particular hairstyle, sometimes known as solia hairstyling is the huge growth in celebrity persona and the importance that celebrities play in developing current style trends. Our favorite celebs now dish out style advice whether intentionally or not every day of the week.

All in all I believe the popularity of straight hairstyles, or sedu hairstyles, is here to stay for a while. This trend has three big things going for it. First, there are a host of popular and classy celebrities that wholeheartedly endorse the trend. Second, it is just a great looking hairstyle. And finally, the style has non-damaging tools to help create it.

Monica Tillman is a beauty and style expert who has been operating an exclusive salon and day spa in the Los Angeles area for more than 15 years. She is also a beauty and style writer for www.GetBeautyTips.com.

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