Sedu hair style how to: Casual chic

Sedu hair style comes in different version, here are three popular ones. This Sedu hairstyles how to speaks of the Sedu hair style that was largely made popular by Jennifer Aniston as reported by Variety Magazine that her herdresser uses the Sedu flat iron to make Jennifers hair style.

Sedu hairstyles how to 1: Casual chic

Who is this hair style primarily for?
Those who really want their face to show
Characteristics? It's quick. It's clean. And can be very impressive.

How do I create it?
1. Clean and wet your hair
2. Apply styling gel from roots to ends
3. Blow your hair completely dry
4. Straighten hair with sedu flat iron parting it down its center
5. Use brush to create pony tail and design hair close to face with hands or brush
6. Use spray if needed to keep hair in this position

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