Lines under My Hair (I)

I'm curious...what hair styles are popular now?
What trends are you all seeing?

I was thinking of a long-layered shag, but is this out-dated now?
I've tried looking through hair-styling magazines, but while I can appreciate the creativity in most of the featured cuts they are way too over the top for me. Mainstream fashion magazines are no help-- most models featured have long, straight hair--pretty on them, but impractical for me.

After wearing my hair in a short boy-cut, I'm thinking of growing it out. The thing is, I'm not sure what kind of cut I want. I have an oval face; thick, straight (maybe a tiny bit wavy), very dark brown hair. I've worn my hair in a classic bob before--with and without bangs--but I'm looking for something a bit more contemporary, perhaps with layers. My preferred style is classic versus trendy, but I don't want to look "blah" or boring. I want something that will be appropriate in a professional setting.

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