Hair Style 2006: Short and Curly

by Michael Barrows

2005 was all about long hair - post "Sex and The City," and very "Desperate Housewives." Yes, once again, 2005 hairstyle trends were driven by what was happening in celebrity world and hairstyles were dominated by long, highly-coiffeured locks and - with the Jennifer Aniston look still reigning supreme and the Sedu hair straightener selling in big numbers - straight hair was definitely the style of choice. But, new year, new styles - so what will be the 2006 hairstyle trends?

Short, Short, Short

The one thing that all the trend watchers and experts are agreed on is that 2006 hairstyles will be getting shorter. Celebrities such as Charlize Theron will be setting the trends as 2006 hairstyles will be emphasized by no-frills, chic styles. The craze for ultra-long locks will be diminishing. This might be a big blow to the hair extension trade, but maybe not; moderately long, mid-length hair will still be popular, so you extension technicians can breathe a sigh of relief!

However, 2006 will see a big rise in the pixie look - short manageable hairstyles. Formal hairstyles will also be big; but in a much more subtle way than before. The cool, sleek ponytail (think Hillary Swank) will be a common hairstyle in 2006, along with plaits and simple knots.

Curl It, Don't Straighten It!

Curls are back. Sorry Jennifer (Aniston) but the "Friends" look is sooo last year. 2006 hair will be softly curved, or in flowing waves. Even shorter hairstyles will have a touch of romance; whether its large free-wheeling curls or tight spirals, curls are back in a big way. This will be great for those with broader faces - bouncy or wavy locks make the face look much thinner. Yep, 2006 hairstyles will be curly - but don't worry, we won't see a return to the big-hair, big-perm days of 1980's Farrah Fawcett. 2006 curls will be fun, funky and not take themselves too seriously. Natural curls will be the objective; hairstyles will have a touchable, genuine feel, with hair that does not appear over-managed. Power-curls will remain in the gym!

Bob It!

No style will typify the shorter 2006 hairstyles more than the bob, which began to make a big comeback in 2005 and will become increasingly popular. Bobs are great - a really versatile style that suits many different facial types. They are also simple to style and are perfect whether you are looking for a classic or a more modern style. Bobs have traditionally been worn mainly as a sleek, smooth style, but in 2006 watch out for funky bobs with lots of curls.

Fun and Fussy

With curls and waves making a big comeback, simplicity is out and stylists are predicting that rollers, pins and chemicals will be playing a big part in 2006 hair styling. Setting tools will also be in big demand as will all the products required to keep those curls in a healthy, manageable, but fresh-looking state. Stylists are also predicting that curls will be increasingly accentuated by hair accessories, such as hair bands, combs and barrettes.

The Ultimate Trend - Individuality

The final watchword for 2006 hairstyling will be individuality. Although hair will get shorter, mid-range and longer hair will remain popular, especially as worn by style icons such as Scarlett Johansson. Basically, anything goes! Curls and bobs will rule, but stylists will be encouraging more individualistic takes on the popular styles, rather than a "cookie cutter" look. Clients will be encouraged to experiment; expect your stylist to suggest new, custom-created looks. Celebrities will continue to set the trends, but 2006 hairstyles will be all about finding what is really best for you and - most of all - 2006 hairstyles will be about having fun.

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